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Publications and Talks





Taste of the Nation: the New Deal Search for America’s Food, Studies in Sensory History Series, University of Illinois Press, In Press, Spring 2016, 300 pages


"A Culinary Hub in the Global City: Diaspora Asian Foodscapes Across Scarborough, Canada," co-authored with Jayeeta Sharma, Food, Culture and Society, 21:1, 55-74, 2018

“Kitchen,” The Routledge History of American Foodways, Jennifer Wallach, Lindsey R. Swindall and Michael D. Wise, ed, Routledge, 2016

 “‘To Partake of Choice Poultry Cooked a la Southern Style’: Taste and Race in the New Deal Sensory Economy,” Radical History Review, vol. 2011, no. 110 (Spring 2011): 127-143

**Winner of the 2012 Association for the Study of Food and Society’s Belasco Award for Scholarly Excellence

“La Naissance de l’Environnementalisme Américain Moderne,” Bulletin de L’Institut Pierre Renouvin, Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, no.23, Printemps 2006.


Review of Racial Indigestion: Eating Bodies in the 19th Century, by Kyla Wazana-Tompkins, Food and Foodways, Volume 22, Issue 3, 2014, 229-231

Digital Scholarship

 Lead Researcher, “Mapping ‘Scarborough Chinatown’,” Culinaria Research Centre,  [Thick mapping of the growth of diasporic foodways in ethnic Chinese malls in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario]


“Searching for the America Eats Archive and Getting a Taste of 1930s America,” Culinary Historians of New York Newsletter, Volume 24, no.2, Spring 2011, 2 pages

“Le People’s Park, la Révolution en Jardinant”, dans Jardins Partagés, Utopie, Ecologie, Conseils Pratiques, Laurence Baudelet, Frédérique Basset et Alice Leroy, eds. (Mens: Terre Vivante, 2008), 2 pages



"Sensory Economies: Enlivening the History of Taste," Living Food: Foodways, Heritage, Health and the Environment, Fondation France-Japon the l'Ecole de hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris, Februrary 2018

"Big Data/Deep Data: The View From Toronto," Digital Humanities Jackman Humanities Working Group, University of Toronto, March 2016

“From Village to ‘Asiancourt’: Digitally Mapping Diasporic Foodways in Suburban Toronto,” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, January 2016

“An American Culinary Heritage? Tasting Mexican Food in the 1930s Southwest,” Food Heritage and Culinary Practices Conference, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, October 2015

“Thickening the Digital Map: Diasporic Foodways in Scarborough, Toronto,” Association for the Study of Food and Society Annual Meeting, Chatham University, June 2015

“Sensory Economies: Tasting Food in the New Deal Era,” American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, November 2014

***Finalist, Yasuo Sakakibara Prize, American Studies Association

“Tasting the Nation: The Making of Regional Food in a 1930s U.S. Archive,” Food Heritage, Hybridity & Locality: An International Conference, Brown University, October 2014

“‘The National Gastronomic Economy’: Sensing Food in the New Deal Era,” Canadian Association for American Studies Annual Meeting, October 2013

“Trillium, Bourbon, Feminism: a Short History of the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians,” with Franca Iacovetta, Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting, June 2013

“Making the Home Front: Gender, Taste, and Food in the late New Deal Period,” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, January 2013

“The Taste of Comfort: Sensing Food in the United States during the Great Depression,” Foodways: Diasporic Diners, Transnational Tables, and Culinary Connections, Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies, University of Toronto, October 2012

“The ‘Home Style’ After the Chicken Pie Has a World of Meaning”: Sensory Nostalgia in the Federal Writers’ Project’s Archive,” Association for the Study of Food and Society Annual Meeting, New York University and The New School, June 2012

“‘The Slap Slap Motion of the Tortilla’: Taste and Race in the American Southwest in the New Deal Era,” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, January 2012

“As American as Apple Pie: How Hippie Communes reshaped the American Dream,” New World Coming: The Sixties and the Shaping of Global Consciousness, Queen’s University, June 2007


“A Taste of the Nation:Searching for Regional Cuisines” University of Michigan Library, September 2017

“A Taste of the Nation,: Searching for Local Cuisines," Michigan State Library, September 2017

Panelist, "Digitizing History," Big Data, Big Stories series, Monday Night Seminar, McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology, January 2017

“America Eats: Le New Deal à la recherche du goût de l'Amérique,” Centre de recherche d’histoire nord-américaine, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, January 2015

“America Eats: Le New Deal à la recherche des nourritures régionales américaine,” Média et médiations de la gastronomie (XVII-XXIe siècles), Centre d’histoire culturelle des sociétés contemporaines, Université de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, January 2015

“Sensing the Archive,” City Food: Deep Data Collection, Regulation & Representation, New York University, October 2014

“Sensory Economies,” Centre for Sensory Studies Seminar Series, Concordia University, September 2014

Researcher and Exhibitor, “Werk: New Gender Histories,” Exhibit/Installation, Berkshire Conference on the History of Women/ Robarts Library, University of Toronto, May 2014

“Cooking Up Gender in the New Deal Archive,” Little Berks Meeting, Toronto, May 2013


Workshop Leader, Mapping Scarborough Foodways, Connaught 2016 Cross-cultural/Cross-divisional seminar: City Food, University of Toronto Scarborough, February 2016

Workshop Leader, Food, 2014 UTSC Eco Summit, University of Toronto Scarborough, March 2014

“The Slap Slap Motion of the Tortilla’: Taste and Race in the American Southwest in the New Deal Era,” Centre for the Study of the United States, University of Toronto, Graduate Student Workshop, October 2011

Invited Participant, Cognitive Science/Neuroscience and the Humanities, Mellon Summer Workshop at the Centre for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University, July-August 2011

Invited Participant, Food, Memory and Cultural Heritage/Alimentation, Mémoire et Patrimoine Culturel, European Institute of the History and Cultures of Food/Institut Européen d’Histoire et des Cultures de l’Alimentation, Summer Workshop, Tours, France, September 2010

“The Intimacy of Taste: Food on the Colour Line in 1930s America,” Centre for the Study of the United States, University of Toronto, Graduate Student Workshop, October 2009

Invited Participant, The University of Toronto-University of Minnesota Food Consortium, University of Toronto, August 2008